Workflow Software

In today’s complex and dynamic business environment, business automation tools can serve as a boon to business owners. Programming software to complete tasks based on a series of conditions can result in accurate, efficient and speedy processes allowing your team the flexibility to manoeuvre and focus on business strategy.

Our automated workflow processes would include identifying and electronically documenting, or mapping, your business process and associated rules. This would enable systems to make rule based decisions thereby speeding up your organization's ability to conduct business.

Our cloud based business process automation solutions help businesses solve automation challenges in a distributed, highly-scalable and cost effective manner.

Automate operations


optimise the current and prospective processes in your business by automation



enhance or update process in line with current trends across all verticals

Fast and efficient


our solutions result in accurate, efficient and speedy processes

Cost saving


using our solutions can cut your operational costs drastically

Robotic process automation: PROBOT is our futuristic RPA program developed in-house. PROBOT is capable of automating numerous functions both, front end and back end, such as supplier reconciliation, VAT audit, accounts payable reconciliation etc. It is capable of reducing human efforts by up to 60% and reducing operational expenditures by almost 20%. read more

EXL reports: replace the complex spreadsheets that you are currently using and switch to powerful business reporting solutions with EXL Reports. Obtain real-time data and insights needed to drive your business to the
greatest heights. read more

Gravity accounts payable automation: Prodat’s accounts payable automation software, Gravity, is a multi dimensional product that is incorporated with cloud, collaboration and mobility that will extent endless support to your invoice handling process. Implement Gravity now to streamline invoice approval process and gain visibility to your future money requirements. read more

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