Software development

Custom software solutions built to perform

Prodat offers custom software development services for businesses across domains. We help you build a software process from scratch, based on your business needs, then develop the system accordingly and finally implement it. Prodat can also help upgrade or add to your existing software systems, or integrate distinct systems into one whole software process.


micro services prodat

Smaller, manageable modules for efficient management



Respond better to changes and reduce errors


open source prodat1

Customisable, adaptable and reliable



Easy availability, comprehensive and cost-effective



Plethora of features on an easy, advanced platform

Applications developed by us are:

  • Compatible with Cloud platforms and are highly agile and scalable
  • Enable application maintenance and Re-engineering with ease
  • Have easy migration and software upgrade features
  • Assured quality and security features at all times
  • Can be hosted safely on AWS, a highly secure Cloud platform offered by Amazon with superior features and platform
  • Enable businesses to focus on growing your business while relying on us for software development and custom integrations focusing on the technology
  • Software suites built on technical expertise and deep industry knowledge

Get in touch with us to build an agile software system for your business.