Processing payments isn’t a hassle anymore

Employees in any organisation, big or small, are its biggest asset. Therefore, paying out salaries accurately and on time, everytime, is crucial to keep your human capital happy and reduce attrition or employee turnover. The requirements associated with paying out salaries are quite complex, given the number of laws governing employee payments. In this backdrop, it becomes necessary for businesses to avail of specialised services.

Organisations are faced with several challenges associated with employee salaries such as constant implementation of new provisions in the areas of social security, changes in personal tax legislation, globalisation of employment and ever-changing employment laws. With Prodat’s specialised knowledge in the field of payroll processing, leave all the hassles of calculation and payment of salaries to us.

Accurate processing

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We ensure that the right amount of salaries are processed each time

Instant payments


We ensure that salaries and other payments are made on time

Faster processing


With expert professionals on the job salaries are processed in real time



with all processes undertaken off site confidentiality is maintained

Why outsource it?
  • Put an end to manual processing of salaries and payments instantly with an entirely automated payroll system
  • Automate and streamline reimbursements, loans and advances, overtime and other payouts
  • Your payroll processing is now our responsibility. Now focus more on what you're good at and what your clients come to you for
  • Give the best to your employees! Our people are well equipped with the knowledge of taxation rules pertaining to payroll, social security contributions, employee payment related laws etc.
  • Our systems are designed perfectly to check for late payments, social security contributions, salary extras, bonus calculations etc.
  • Ensure 100% statutory compliance without any delays and backlogs
  • Generate periodic payroll reports from our bank of predesigned reports or customise your own basis your requirement

Leave your payroll worries with us and focus on what you do best!