Business process outsourcing

Your business. Our responsibility.

For any business to grow and thrive it is required to innovate in its field of expertise. With the pressure of cut throat competition and the need to optimise return on investments, outsourcing of non-core activities to experts has become the need of the hour. With over 15 years of experience, Prodat’s specialised services ensure that the cost and time associated with your non-core activities are reduced to a minimum. Leverage on our knowledge and expertise in managing your non-core functions.

Let us handle your back office while you go out there and do business. With today’s cutting edge technology, outsourcing may be said to be identical to having a distinct department in your business. Globally the BPO sector is worth over 300 billion dollars. The largest and the most successful organisations outsource their non-core activities to trusted outsourcing partners.

We can help you decide what processes to keep in house and what to outsource. Prodat can become your trusted business partner bringing immense value to the table while providing untiring support to your business through its BPO expertise.

Systematised operations


outsource to experts to systemize your operations

Save costs

cutting edge

outsourcing entails long term cost reduction and profit maximisation

Client delight


focus on your business and leave the non-core activities of your business to us

Access to qualified human capital


we hire the best so you get the best.



data confidentiality, guaranteed

With Prodat's BPO solutions, your business can:

  • Benefit from streamlined operations where each outsourced domain of your business gets the focus it deserves
  • Strengthen your core competencies and solutions while we take care of the support functions
  • Expand your business and venture into newer markets or verticals
  • Save your time and costs incurred in recruitment as we take care of deploying the best talent for each function
  • Reduce your capital expenditure as we analyse, identify, deploy and update technologies to meet your business requirements and keep you updated with latest trends in the industry

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