GravityDocs – Document Management Software

Document Management is now easy!

Prodat's Document Management Software (DMS) solutions will help you to seamlessly upload, store and retrieve business documents whenever needed. You can entirely digitize your content with our document management system. With customized and user-friendly interfaces, you can categorize, integrate, and publish content in various platforms without the need for manual intervention.



Easy access coupled with stringent security features


hybrid prodat

Share and distribute admin controls for enhanced supervision

Role-based controls

Role-based controls prodat

Provide the right access and control to the right people

Workflows with rules

Workflows with rule prodat

Create separate workflows with custom rules

Irrespective of the type of your business, Prodat’s DMS systems:

  • Are comprehensive giving you enough space for document storage
  • Have been used by large and small enterprises alike from various industries
  • Can help you manage content efficiently from scanning to recovery

Features that users like


  • Familiar Windows user interface
  • Web access and management capabilities
  • Import e-mail messages from your email server

Quick Search

  • Find documents, related customers and projects easily and within seconds
  • Quick search: find files based on their data classification, metadata attributes and content

Rules for content applications

  • Rapidly develop and share content applications

Social tagging

  • Integrated content tagging and tag-based search

Features that developers like


Lightweight Web Scripts

Rapidly develop content Web Script gadgets by using JavaScript and Freemarker.
rest architecture

REST architecture

Rapidly and simply mashup gadgets and other web applications through a URL

Features that administrators like

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