Turbo charge your accounts payable process

In today’s fast paced automated environment, business world over are required to do more and more with less. This being the case, business are required to optimise its cash and free up working capital to the greatest possible extent. Having working capital in hand will add liquidity to your business thereby enabling smoother processes within the organisation and enhanced services. One of the most important strategies to be put in place to free up working capital in any business is to have a robust accounts payable process in place.

Prodat’s accounts payable automation software, Gravity, is a multi dimensional product that is incorporated with cloud, collaboration and mobility that will extent endless support to your invoice handling process. Early payment discounts and upfront benefits from an improved cash management are just some of the benefits that Gravity will give to your organisation. Implement Gravity now to streamline invoice approval process and gain visibility to your future money requirements.

Faster processing

Faster Turnaround icon

faster as the human factor is eliminated

Save Costs


save heavy carrying costs on overdue payables

Paperless invoicing


communicate with vendors electronically

Gravity mobile app


now manage your payables on the go

With Prodat’s Gravity software, your business can:

  • Centralise your accounts payables processes across your business and various locations and ensure common practices and policies are implemented
  • Strengthen the purchasing and procurements approval processes and vendor management and vetting process within the organisation
  • Optimise costs and increase the quality of accounts payable services
  • Improve and synergise partnerships with your vendors resulting in business growth in the long run
  • Improve decision-making with actionable insights and real-time visibility
  • Integrate an accounts payable process seamlessly with existing accounting solutions, ERPs and IT systems
  • Automate data entry and minimize manual tasks thereby reducing costs

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