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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) involves the delegation of one or more business activities or functions to an external provider who administers and manages the outsourced processes to meet or exceed established performance metrics. With the right BPO partner, virtually any company can achieve measurable and sustainable improvement in business performance.

Your private home page will have service announcements, file upload notifications, and messages from your bookkeeping staff. Our electronic file management system enables you to upload or download all of your accounting information and data. No need to fax or file paper copies, you can quickly download your file from your portal, and store it on your local PC, or keep it in your file cabinet on your real-time data server.

Our outsourced accounting system provides you with significant savings over and above the cost of in-house staff. You save as much as 50% and gain higher quality bookkeeping, management reporting, administration and other financial functions.

Outsourcing Benefits

By outsourcing Book Keeping (link to Book keeping Services) your company will benefit from

  • Reducing overhead

  • Freeing up resources

  • Avoiding capital expenses

  • Improving efficiency

  • Off-loading non-core functions

  • Getting access to specialized skills

  • Saving on manpower and training costs

  • Reducing operating costs

  • Improving speed and service

  • Being reliable and innovative

  • Increasing customer satisfaction

  • Avoiding the cost of chasing technology

  • Fraud Prevention

    Embezzlement and other kinds of financial fraud are perhaps the most common kind of employee theft. Small businesses tend to fall prey to this swindle because they don't have the controls in place to prevent it.

    Here are some of the ways we assist you in controlling your books.

    1.  We don't control any financial transactions from beginning to end.
    2.  You send a scanned copy of the source documents keep originals, therefore we can't destroy or remove evidence of wrong doing.
    3.  We write the checks, you print and sign them. This way, only approved checks will be created. Because you print the paychecks, you can
         personally review and sign each one. This enables you to verify the people receiving the checks are actually on your payroll.

    Delivery Mechanism

    Prodat understands the critical role that processes play in the effective delivery of our business-impacting services. Therefore, our operations delivery is built on a rigorous process framework, helping us clearly define objectives for client's specific services that we deliver. We use the following core processes to effectively achieve the objective.

    At Prodat solutions are delivered by skilled senior executives and consultants who have had operations and project responsibilities for major outsourcing engagements with leading financial companies. Targeted results are achieved in every engagement, through seamless integration of people, technologies and processes.

    The Process outsourcing offering is designed around a business process methodology. We use four steps to help client realize the full benefit of our service offering.


    We at Prodat spare not efforts to encompass total customer satisfaction. We consistently deliver value to our stakeholders through continuous innovative review of processes, people and thought leadership. The Phased project management methodology ensures that the business has a standardized approach to managing processes. The heart of the Quality program is the performance measuring and tracking, which identifies opportunities for correction for improvement on an ongoing basis. Our QA/ MIS and Business Analysis team, monitors business and client process performance and identify opportunities to drive sustainable business improvements.

    Quality Framework

  • Thought Leadership

  • Effective Process Ownership

  • Metrics based procedure and process control

  • Well-defined and documented policies and procedures

  • Continuous and Innovative improvements

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