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Service Overview

The accounting process is one of the easiest business processes for a company to outsource. The effectiveness of the Internet makes having a back-office bookkeeper obsolete. If you are looking for ways to reduce overhead, cost and focus on your core business, now is the perfect time to make the switch to outsourced accounting services.

By combining the experience of skilled accounting personnel, your accounting software and our web-based document transfer system, you will have an efficient accounting system that provides you with the accurate, timely financial data you need to confidently run your company.

We currently offer a Managed Financial and Accounting Solution that covers all aspects of your accounting system. You will get bookkeeping, quality assurance and control managed by a Qualified Accountants, as well as monthly financial reports. We understand that managers have diverse levels of understanding of their accounting, ranging from those who appreciate in-depth reporting and analysis to those who just want the bare minimum. We will go over each step of your accounting cycle with you to customize our procedures in order to meet your requirements.

Financial and Accounting Solution

Our Financial and Accounting solution is designed to complete your daily financial record-keeping tasks as well as your month-end closing tasks, followed by preparation of your monthly financial reports and analysis of your business.

We ensure your confidence in our accounting system which accurately reflects your current situation so you can concentrate on running your business instead of trying to stay on top of your books. The steps involved with basic bookkeeping can be overwhelming depending on the size of your business and the number of transactions.

Our Book keeping Services include

  • Accounts Payable

  • Accounts Receivable

  • General Accounting

  • Daily Sales & Cash Receipts

  • Cash Management

  • Inventory

  • Financial Reporting

  • Payroll

    Tax Compliance

    Outsourcing tax-compliance work overseas can enable CPAs to focus on higher-margin services such as tax consulting, to reduce labor costs, and to increase the speed of tax-return processing. With such potential benefits, CPA firms will likely join other segments in increasingly outsourcing tax-compliance services.

    Tax-return-preparation outsourcing offers several potential benefits to CPA firms. It frees tax professionals' time from performing perfunctory duties such as form filing and data entry; that time savings can be used more productively in tax and estate planning.

    The basic step of outsourcing tax work involves

  • The outsourcer gathers the client's tax information and scans it into electronic files.

  • The outsourcer uploads these files to Prodat Server.

  • Prodat encrypts the files, prepares and reviews the return, and then posts the return.

  • Daily Sales & Cash Receipts

  • The outsourcer downloads the completed returns and documents from our server.

    Document Management System

    Timely access to business documents ensures the smooth functioning of an organization. The existing fast paced dynamic business environment demands that an organization adopt a document management system that keeps pace with its growth, in the absence of which, administrators and network consultants feel handicapped.

    This challenge is now easily solved by using Digital Technology, which offers the perfect solution with the quick and convenient creation, collaboration and dissemination capabilities for documents stored in an electronic format.

    Our document management solution, which is a byproduct of our approach to outsourcing finance and accounting functions, is capable of electronically capturing, storing and managing virtually every document generated or received by your company.

    Utilizing robust web deployable software we provide flexible and powerful document management solutions. Our customizable engine allows the imaging system to work the way you work. Further, our experienced technology implementation team will work to ensure a seamless integration into your new or existing applications.

    The Prodat Document Imaging Solution enables you to share the full spectrum of information with the people that need it, resulting in savings from eliminating the use of paper and microfilm and increased efficiencies, as your employees never have to spend time copying, or faxing physical files. The system further helps reduce the cost of storage, enables quick access and ensures prompt document distribution - which in imperative for efficient functionality in the global economy. More importantly, it ensures better-informed professionals.


    XBRL (Extensible Business Reporting Language) is an electronic format for simplifying the flow of financial statements, performance reports, accounting records, and other financial information between software programs. This royalty-free, open specification is being developed collaboratively to make it less costly for companies to publish financial information in a format that can be easily viewed and used by management, investors, regulators, and all of the participants in financial markets. It is an XML-based framework that provides the financial community a standards-based method to prepare, publish in a variety of formats, reliably extract and automatically exchange the financial statements of public and private companies, public sector agencies. XBRL enhances the usability and transparency of financial information reported under existing accounting standards, simplifies disclosure, and allows companies to communicate financial information more readily via the Internet.

    Knowledge Process Outsourcing

    The evolution and maturity of the Indian BPO sector has given birth to yet another wave in the global outsourcing scene: KPO or Knowledge Process Outsourcing. The success in outsourcing business process operations to India has encouraged many firms to start outsourcing their high-end knowledge work as well. Cost savings, operational efficiencies, access to a highly talented workforce and improved quality are all underlying expectations in off shoring high-end processes to India.

    India's intellectual potential

    The myth that Indian companies can only provide "software coolies" is soon changing to the reality of Indian companies being capable of almost anything, even rocket science! India has a large pool of knowledge workers in various sectors ranging from Pharmacy, Medicine, Law, Biotechnology, Education & Training, Engineering, Analytics, Design & Animation, Research & Development, Paralegal Content and even Intelligence services.

    This talent is soon being discovered and tapped by leading businesses across the globe resulting in the outsourcing of high-end processes to low-wage destinations. Hence Knowledge Process Outsourcing involves off shoring of knowledge intensive business processes that require specialized domain expertise.

    Here are some KPO services that can be taken up by Prodat:
    • Research & Development
    • Business and Technical Analysis
    • Learning Solutions
    • Business & Market Research
    • Writing & Content Development
    • Legal Services
    • Intellectual Property (IP) Research
    • Data Analytics
    • Network Management
    • Training & Consultancy
    KPO Outsourcing Process

    Step 1   Step 2   Step 3

    Response to customer's enquiry by making a customized presentation either personally or telephonically

    We understand your requirements
    A limited pilot project undertaken, RFP finalized after mutual discussions.
    Step 4   Step 5   Step 6

    Proposal sent with time and cost estimates
    Reference checks and any further clarifications addressed
    Contract finalized and operations started
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