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Prodat Property Services

Prodat entered into Realty sector to cater professional services to the growing demand in this sector.  We provide Property transactions and Mall Marketing & Consulting Services. Our Property Services include:

•  Best Use Studies
•  Pre-Feasibility Studies
•  Market Research and Demand Analysis
•  Mall Planning 
•  Mall Leasing
•  Facilitate Project Investments.

The Methodology followed by Prodat Property services to conduct Analysis is:

1. Market research & Pre-feasibility Process                 2. Process of City and Location Analysis


3. Process of Competition Analysis

Prodat in UK

Our team in London provides consultancy services for the Retail industry. The essence of the service is the creation of competitive advantage for the firm’s client’s shopping centers reflecting the level of overlap between competing shopping locations. These services have been provided to most of the U.K.’s blue-chip property developers and to shopping centers in Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, Czech Republic and Belgium. In UK, Prodat also works through its Business Associate, Business Blueprints Limited who is responsible for the processing and analysis of over 100,000 shopper intercepts each year.
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