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EZ Pay is the best solution for bill payment through self-service kiosk. It facilitates bill payments round the clock and reducing long Queue. Optimizes resource utilization by freeing employees from regular cashier works and concentrating towards building customer relationship. Resulting in organizational growth. At Prodat, we focus towards improving your business operations through integrating the latest technology, which allow you to achieve an efficient deployment, As well as keep you upgrading to move ahead of competition with maximum system availability.

 Know How?

Our bill payment kiosk is user friendly and very easy to use. Customers have to just scan the barcode on their bills or enter their account number. The Interactive multimedia enabled 15” Touchscreen displays the consumer’s bill and will accept the payment through Cash, Cheque, DD and also Credit/Debit card. After the transaction, it prints out a receipt and updates into the respective database system. Making your bill payment system fast, reliable and convenient 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

 Customer Benefits
Customers can pay bills wherever and whenever convenient to them 24/7.
Attractive and easy to use.
Multimedia enabled touchscreen.
Customer experience enhanced.
Satisfied Customers.

 Enterprise Benefits
Quick and intelligent customer service.
Improves brand loyalty.
Better and fast ROI
Optimal staff utilization.
Convenience calls for more usage anytime.

 EZ Pay Features
Compact, stand-alone version.
User friendly, versatile and expandable.
Will Accept Notes, Cheque, DD and Debit/Credit card.
Rejects counterfeit Currency by default.
Fully audited control system.
Sensor system capable of automatic adjustment.
Enabled with latest Alarm System
Multimedia enhanced.
Attractive and simple design for easy Maintenance and Operation
Automatic test sequence and self-diagnostics

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